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  • How Important Clamping Is For Woodworking
    A little story about Car-Carpentry. In Short I think about people that are skilled carpenters the same way I hear people describe software developers. Carpenters do some sort of black magic to make things we interact every day with. Most of the time the black magic they perform is so potent that we don’t even notice how impressive somethings build quality is, or the elegance with which it was put together until it breaks. I really enjoy trying my hand at the odd bit of wood working because it seems endlessly creative, keeping your mind and hands engaged. This is… Read more: How Important Clamping Is For Woodworking
  • How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle
    In Short The Current Situation Its not unusual for me to stay up to 1am largely by accident having been gripped by some late night motivation to work on some project, normally on my computer. Its also not unusual for me to wake up somewhere around 9am and feel like right from the get go I had a late start to my day and feeling like I’m only just catching up. During all this I generally have a strong sense that I’m not as clear headed as I could be, and in general just performing really sub optimally in all… Read more: How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle
  • Min/Maxing WordPress Hosting
    The Challenge Getting as close to completely free self hosted wordpress by combining the cheapest tiers of AWS offerings. I run two WordPress sites, and I thought why not use this as an opportunity to learn somethings about self hosting WordPress. Most importantly I was bound to save money on getting as close to fr by trying this. My Hosting Journey – The Summary AWS Lightsail Free Tier This one was simple enough, I followed the prompts and signed up to the free tier. Pointed my DNS records to Lightsail as instructed and I was up and running.… Read more: Min/Maxing WordPress Hosting
  • Min/Maxing My Internet Provider
    How Many ISPs are Actually Selling You the Exact Same Thing? Sure there are a lot of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), what I want to know is how many of them are actually able to sell me something that is fundamentally different in terms of service and not just marketing and customer support. My hunch. Say you buy a can of beans for $0.99 cents from BeanBrandCo that offer cheap beans, you notice the nutritional information and ingredients list is EXACTLY the same as “Premium Bean Boys” $3.49 luxury bean mix. Wait were these beans harvested from the same field… Read more: Min/Maxing My Internet Provider
  • Everyone Uses Super Glue Wrong.
    How to Use Super Glue Properly Things Everyone Should Know About SuperGlueing Why Should I Care? If you are anything like me you probably have just been dumping enough glue to feel like its going to get everywhere (including your hands, somehow always sticking part of your hand to itself) then sort of holding the pieces together. Bonus if I have the patience to place the pieces under some sort of rock or something I grabbed last minute from the garden. Well if you do it anything like this you may have also noticed that unless the thing you are… Read more: Everyone Uses Super Glue Wrong.

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